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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:21am PST

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that does it more "morning joe" -- >> if i was there with you we would have opened it on our own. >> joe, mika and willie will be back on monday morning. mike, you cut me up. catch us all with all due respect at 6:00 on msnbc. steve kornacki picking up the coverage right now. have a great day and sigh a nar ra. and good morning. i'm steve kornacki coming to you live from lakewood, ohio. we are right outside cleveland. cleveland, the home of cleveland state university, the vikings, and we are four days now from the all important super tuesday, the second super tuesday, five big states voting that day including ohio where we are right now and we begin this hour with breaking news. any minute now donald trump fresh off that debate last night is due to hold a press conference in florida and he is going to be announcing a brand
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new endorse mtd, this is a big one, it's from ben carson who dropped out of the presidential race just a week ago and that is the same ben carson who trump mocked relentlessly last fall questioning his foreign policy smarts, his life story, even at one point comparing him to a child molester. here is what carson said about trump on the radio yesterday. >> you know, there are two donald trumps. there's the donald trump that you see on television and who gets out in front of big audiences, and then there's the donald trump behind the scenes. they're not the same person. one is very much an entertainer and one is actually a thinking individua individual. >> and this follows last night's 12th republican debate, though it was a kinder and gentler version of the debates we've seen in the past. in fact, it was particularly
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notable because marco rubio and ted cruz seemed to dial back their attacks on trump despite the fact that they are running from behind and we are now just four days away from winner take all contests in florida and ohio. not to mention north carolina, illinois, missouri, contest there is as well. and in taking that more subdued approach cruz and rubio may have missed their last chance to stop trump from essentially wrapping up the republican nomination next tuesday. >> last night you told cnn, quote, islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> the problem is presidents can't just say anything they want, it has consequences. >> we have had a lot of consequences including airplanes flying into the world trade center. >> the answer is not sumplly to yell china bad, muslims bad. >> a strong america is what the entire world is begging for. >> joe want to be to politically
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correct i loo i can to solve problems. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i want to be social security. >> any politician that doesn't step forward and address it is not being a real leader. >> the bottom line is we can't just continue to tip toe around this. >> there are only two of us that have a path to winning the nomination, donald and myself. >> he is always saying i'm the only one that beat donald in six contests and i beat him -- but i beat him in 13 contests. >> well, first of all, let's not gsh math doesn't tell the whole story in politics, what's true today is not necessarily true tomorrow. >> i believe that at the end of this process this nation will make the right choice. >> and during that debate donald trump was also asked about recent incidents of violence at his rallies, that including this 78-year-old man who was caught on tape striking a protester in the face at a rally in fayetteville, north carolina, the other night. now, the man said that if he saw the protester again, quote, we might have to kill him.
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trump said his supporters have, quote, tremendous passion, but said he does not deliberately create an environment that encourages violence. and the trump campaign says it would take steps to ensure the safety of everyone at their rallies. we have got all of this covered this morning. nbc's katy tur and peter alexander are joining me from south florida. katie, let's begin with you, you are in palm beach, florida. trump is about to have that press conference any minute now. set the scene for us. >> reporter: this is a press conference, it's at mare a lag goe, we are expecting dr. carson to show up with donald trump here in just a few moments and give him endorsement. we asked the campaign if dr. carson will be now campaigning with mr. trump and we are told, yes, but with no clear details. so it's unclear when exactly that would happen. as for why they courted his endorsement, they believe that he is bringing new voters into the republican fold, much in the same way that donald trump has
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brought new voters into the republican fold, they also appreciate his social media presence, his ability to talk directly with his supporters much in the same way that they say that donald trump talks directly with his supporters. we will find out from dr. carson where he specifically wanted to endorse donald trump. we did ask about whether the two had had meetings in private, talked out their differences. it at times got very contentious with the pair earlier during this cycle when dr. carson was surging in the polls donald trump went after him aggressively in iowa questioning his religious story, his story of finding jesus, the violent story -- the story of him stabbing another person, another friend of his in the stomach with a knife. donald trump aggressively went after him for that story, said that he was a pathological liar, could be a pathological liar and compared that to somebody who molests children at one point.
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which was certainly an aggressive tone to take with another competitor, but they said that they had those private conversations. we do not know what was in them but clearly whatever it is they have worked it out and now dr. carson is expected to endorse him in just a few moments, steve. >> katy tur in palm beach. that press conference expected at any minute now. >> we will bring in peter alexander, tess in coral gables, the site of last night's debate. we didn't know what to expect going into that last night, the last couple of these things had turned wild and kruckus, we gota sub deed version of it last night. >> looked like the 12th time was the charm, it was less civil war than it was simply sichl for the republicans last night which likely proves to be good news for donald trump. he had the opportunity and took it to appear more presidential, sort of toning down his rhetoric, a temperament a little more bee if i get of the oval office than some of the venues
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we have seen him over the course of this campaign. there were some fumbles over the course of the evening as well, he referred to the protests at tiananmen square in china as riots, there was an opportunity for his opponents to writ him if they wanted to when he talked about taking advantage as of businessman of some of the loopholes in the u.s. visa program, they didn't take those opportunities. trump this h. this opportunity to present himself in effect in a different way. here is a look at some of the sort of softer as you noted kinder gentler moments of the night. >> we're all in this together, we're going to come up with solutions, we're going to find the answers to things and so far i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> what an incredible nation we have that the son of a bar tepder and the son of a mailman and the son of a dishwasher and a successful businessman can all stand on this stage competing and asking for your support. >> one of the real frustrations
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among some republican strategists who were hoping to knock donald trump out of this race or sort of to try to knock him off his feet is the fact that every time there is a debate like this in their eyes moments like these where he is not attacked it helps legitimize the front runner which solidifies, calls nice this race and the position where it presently sits only four days out from super tuesday. steve. >> all right. peter alexander in coral gables. again, we are keeping an eye on palm beach, that press conference with donald trump and ben carson expected to start any minute now. in fact, we just got word on twitter from ben carson, i think we can put this up for you, ben carson tweeted, just moments ago basically previewing what he is going to be saying. do we have that tweet? this is from dr. ben carson. he says many people fight for change in d.c., donald trump is a leader with an outsider's perspective and the vision, guts and energy to get it done. dr. ben carson just putting that up. we're expecting that endorsement
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press conference momentarily. we are going to go back and check in with katy tur since this could be starting any minute now. you see all eyes on those doors. katy tur, you were talk about this just a minute ago. donald trump obviously had some very harsh words to say about -- well, about everybody, but about ben carson during this campaign. does this say anything, are we seeing a new side of donald trump in how he plans to try to bring his former opponents together if he is able to win this nomination? >> reporter: i think that potentially and i think we are about to see them come in here in any moment now. potentially yes to your question, steve, but i think that what we're seeing on the campaign trail and what he have with seen with donald trump is that his immediate target in front of him, his immediate obstacle that he has to get over is the one that he goes after the hardest. we saw that with ben carson specifically when ben carson was surging in the polls, that was when he was still getting along with ted cruz. once ben carson started dropping and ted cruz started rising, that's when we saw him go after ted cruz and now we're seeing him do the same for marco rubio.
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so he has been able to clearly in the past with chris christie at least get along with him and bridge gaps and move forward, the same thing for dr. carson. he is right outside the window right now, they have having a pow wow before they walk in here. this could be an example of him trying to work with his opponents. this, again, i think would be a little bit more a yes to your question if this was ted cruz that he was now suddenly getting along with. the period of which he was attacking and aggressive with ben carson was relatively small, it wasn't an extended window like we've been seeing with ted cruz. also dr. carson was thought to be aligned with ted cruz for some time because of their shared evangelical roots, but that of course did not happen. now we're seeing him endorse donald trump. i'm going to drop off right now so you can hear dr. carson. here we go. >> well, thank you very much,
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ladies and gentlemen. this is a great honor. last night's debate was fun, it was different, it got wonderful -- there were a lot of good feels in that room and i think it's something frankly that the republican party needed and today is something very, very special because dr. ben carson was respected by everybody, everybody wanted his endorsement and everybody loves him and truly, truly admires what he has done. his life has been an incredible life. it's been an awe inspiring life and i just want to tell you that having his support really -- i think it adds just total credence to what i'm trying to do and to what we're all trying to do. so i just want to introduce dr. ben carson, special, special person, special man. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you, donald. and, you know, this whole
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process getting involved in the political process was something that i never particularly intended to do. but, you know, i listened to the people. it was really all about the people and it continues to be all about the people. you know, it's not about the republican party or the democratic party, it's about the people of america. and what i have been seeing recently is political operatives and parties once again trying to assert themselves and trying to thwart the will of the people. i find that that is an extraordinarily dangerous place to be right now. and, you know, i want the voice of the people to be heard. i want the political process to play out in the way that it should play out and i think the republican party particularly would be very wise not to adopt a let's stop this guy and let's
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promote this guy policy, but rather start thinking about what are the things that are going to be helpful for america? right now, you know, we are in a process of going off the deep end, we are going off the cliff, we're fiscally irresponsible, we're hating each other, we're destroying ourselves, a house divided against itself cannot stand. we're failing to take a leadership position on the world stage. now, some people have said, well, why would you get behind a man like donald trump? i will tell you why. first of all, i've come to know donald trump over the last few years. he is actually a very intelligent man who cares deeply about america. there are two different donald trumps. there is the one you see on the stage and there is the one who is very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. you can have a very good
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conversation with him. and that's the donald trump that you're going to start seeing more and more of right now. and some people have said, but, well, you know, he said terrible things about you, how can you support him? well, first of all, we buried the hatchet. that was political stuff. and, you know, that happens in american politics. the politics of personal destruction, all that, is not something i particularly believe in or anything that i got involved in, but i do recognize that it is a part of the process. we move on because it's not about me. it's not about mr. trump. it's about america. and this is what we have to be thinking about. i have found that in talking with him that, you know, there is a lot more alignment philosophically and spiritually than i ever thought that there
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was. he will speak to that, but, you know, that actually surprised me more than anything because i do recognize how a person's image can be greatly distorted having been the victim of that. i probably understand it better than anybody. and i think as the american people who we are focusing on as they begin to see the real individual there and those who are helping that individual, i think we're going to be comforted as a nation. you know, we have to start working together. we cannot allow the agents of division to continue to separate us. as a nation our strength is our unity and we just have to sort of ignore those people who are always trying to stir up strife.
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and i'm appealing to some degree to the media as well. you know, you are part of america, too, and should be interested in strengthening our nation, not in creating divisions, not in creating conflicts all the time. if we start having that american attitude, that american spirit that made us great, that took us to the pinnacle in no time at all, believe me, everybody will benefit from that. we are also talking about how can we make america a place that's successful for everybody? you know, we have 330 million people, we're going to be competing with china with 1.4 billion, india 1.1 billion. we have to develop all of our people. you know, the people who are the downtrodden in our society, we're not doing those people any favor by patting them on the head and saying, there, there, you poor little thing i'm going to take care of all your needs. what we need to be doing instead is concentrating on mechanisms
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to allow those people to climb out of the state of the dependency and become part of the fabric of this nation. that's what america is about. it's not about dependency. and it certainly isn't about socialism. you know, socialism is seen as the pant see a by some who don't really understand t i think a lot of young people think socialism is just being concerned about being other people. that's not what it is. you know, it's cradle to grave government. you let them take care of you, but you give them all of your money, you give them control of your life. they all end up looking the same way, a small group of elites at the top controlling everything, a rapidly diminishing middle class and a vastly expanded dependent class. that is not what made america great. donald trump talks a lot about making america great, but it's not just talk, he means it. i'm going to be helping him. others are going to be helping him. you know, one of the things that
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i've discovered in this country is we have some incredibly smart people. none of us knows everything, but when we begin to use those smart people effectively to accomplish the goals of america, you're going to see us once again begin to ascend to the pinnacle, to a much higher pinnacle than we have ever achieved before and that's where america should be. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, ben. ben and i were talking length i will yesterday and it was an amazing conversation. one of the things that i realized is his great love is education and he was telling me things about education and it was so right on and it was so good. it's such an important element for our country. i said, ben, congratulations, you just have to get involved with us with education because
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our educational system in the united states as you've heard from my speeches, we're ranked at the bottom of the pack worldwide and yet we spend the most money by pupil, by far the most money, second doesn't even exist. so ben is going to get very much involved in that and he's going to get very much involved in healthcare where he is an expert. even during the debates ben when it came to healthcare and talking about health, ben was in really a class by himself. so it's such an honor to have ben, he is a friend, he has become a friend and i really appreciate the endorsement, ben. thank you. >> absolutely. thank you. >> any questions, folks? yes. >> mr. trump. >> david. >> mr. trump, two questions, first of all, did you guys sort of gently or formally apologize to each other for some of the nasty things you said to each other on the trail? >> yeah, it's politics. it is politics. it's tough tough. it is a tough business. i used to think real estate in manhattan is tough.
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this is like -- this is a tough business, this politics. a lot of things happen in politics that don't happen anywhere else. yeah, we understand that. go ahead. >> secondly, sort of the question always comes up in big endorsements has there been any discussion between the two of you or promises made to dr. carson in your add duration? >> no either even as a running mate -- >> when ben called he didn't say would you do this, would you do that, he just wants to help and feels strongly about what's happening and you see the kind of crowds we get, we get crowds that are amazing and record setting, i don't think there has ever been anything like it. it's on the cover of any magazine. ben sees that and ben is going to have a big, big part. maybe ben doesn't even know this yet, but ben is going to have a big part. we want to keep that kind of talent. >> mr. trump, you see dr. carson playing a policy role principally for your campaign or as a surrogate on the campaign
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trail going clays and when he says there are two donald trumps do you agree with that. >> i probably do agree, i think there are two donald trumps. there is the public version, people see that and i don't know what they see exactly but it seems to have worked over my lifetime, but it's probably different, i think, than the personal donald trump. i think ben would say that. ben said it very well today. perhaps there are two donald trumps. well, you know, i'm somebody that is a thinker. i am a big thinker, i have my ideas and they're strong and typically they've worked out and what i want to do is -- you know, the theme, and ben alluded to it, the theme that i have for this entire campaign is make america great again. that's what i want to do. very simple. i want to make america great again. we have so many problems, whether it's military, whether it's trade, whether it's borders, whether it's terrorism. we have so many problems, the debt, you know, you look at our debt, $19 trillion going up to $21 trillion in a very short fashion. we're going to straighten things
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out and straighten them out correctly. >> -- policy or politics for you? >> dr. carson is both. dr. carson is both. but he's going to be very much on policy. ben was always very strong on policy and he is going to be very much on policy. >> mr. trump. >> thank you, mr. truch. you've been talking a lot about unity on the campaign trail and in the debate. can you fill us in on outreach efforts to capitol hill. >> we have been called by the biggest people in politics, not only republican politics but also the biggest keep in republican politics and over the last couple of weeks. you saw paul ryan reached out and ter richk guy, i have always respected him, i have always liked him and not necessarily agree on everything because i'm very strong on borders and very strong on security and i think paul -- i think paul is, you know -- i think he is going to have his views and i think probably certain things will change, but paul ryan reached out, we had a great conversation, and many other people at the top, top level.
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i sort of get a kick, i see you covering one person who is saying donald trump must be stopped and i talked to him two days before and he's saying, donald, we have to come together. we've been contacted by many of the biggest people in republican politics. >> -- congressional lawmakers as well -- >> i'm reaching out but they're really reaching out to us because they see what's happening. we're getting millions and millions of people that the republican party has never had before. it's the biggest story in politics is what's happening. we are having millions and millions of people come up and vote for the republicans. they get out, they register republican. i have had so many people tell me -- i've never voted republican in my life. i left the democrats in order to register as a republican so i could vote for you. independents, democrats, and you see it, we're up 65%, more than that. millions of people more. and that's what i'm saying, the republicans now want to embrace it. i mean, i see t they want to embrace it. >> i also wanted to ask you
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about islamic state quickly. last night in the debate you talked about potentially sending up to 30,000 u.s. troops. >> we have to get rid of isis. >> that's more troops than george bush sent to afghanistan. >> we have to get rid of isis. it's going up to the generals but the generals are going to be able to play their own game. i want to find out we have the right general, ben, right, we don't want to have the wrong general talking to us, but we are going to find the right general, the right guy or person or woman. >> should america be prepared potentially for a long war. >> no, it's going to be very quick. we're very powerful. >> mr. trump, two questions. on burying the hatchet deal with you and dr. ben carson, you mentioned politics are rough, do you personally regret any of the things you said about ben carson? >> i have such respect for ben. if you notice, i mean, the cnn poll came out 49 to 15, how do you like that, ben, he wouldn't have been happy, but if you ytsed during this whole thing nationally i'm talking about
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because ultimately they say nationally -- well, ultimately i guess it's probably the most important. cnn comes out 49 -- a couple days ago 49 for trump and 15 for the two others i think were at 15. the one person that just kept sneaking up on me, i couldn't lose him was dr. ben carson. i could not lose that guy. and i was doing well and, you know, trump would be at 28 at that time and i remember when it was 28 and ben was 18 and then he was 19 and then the next week it was like 22 and i said, whoa, whoa, what's this happening here? i don't like this. right? and then he was 24 and then i had a pretty good poll where i took a little lead in one and but then what happened is it was, i believe, nbc, "wall street journal" who always gives me bad polls by the way i have to tell you -- oh, thank you for the nice things you always say about me. you are so nice. thank you. sitting next to david.
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okay? thank you very much. always so nice. now she's going to be bashed because she's embarrassed. i want to thank you. so, ben, what always -- like he would be there and then wud one poll when ben went ahead, it was the biggest story worldwide. i said this guy is unbelievable. so i started going after ben. and it's politics. ben understands that. and i was really impressed with the way he fought back because he fought back with silence and strength. and i even commented on it, somebody else would have -- you know, they would have gone wild. he has great confidence in himself and i was very, very impressed. it is true, he is the one person -- you know, i use the expression i couldn't lose him, i couldn't shake him. he did so well. and just go up, up, up so steady, so solid and i fought back and i hit him hard and he -- which is politics and ben understands that and he understood that because i talked to him about it yesterday -- but he handled it with such dignity.
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i frankly thought it was amazing. i actually gained a lot of respect for him. >> on that point, though, mr. trump, you talked about the two donald trumps that there may be, dr. ben carson brought that up. when you say things like, i want to punch a protester in the face or when you said the things about dr. ben carson, is it just politics or are you playing a character there? >> no, it's politics and it's fact. let me just tell you. we have had some violent people as protesters. they are not just people saying, oh -- these are people that punch, these are people that are violent people. i get the biggest crowds by far, not even a contest. you people don't like to report it, but actually the one thing good about protesters is you have to go into these stadiums, these massive stadiums with 25,000 and 30,000 people and you have to at least -- because the cameras never turn -- ben, the cameras never ever turn and show the stadium. i always say turn and show -- they don't. but when there is a protesters up in the corner it's great because the cameras all turn, it's a negative as opposed to a
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positive so they turn. we have had a couple that were really violent and the particular one when i said i'd like to bang him, that was a very -- he was a guy who was swinging, very loud and started swinging at the audience and the audience swung back and i thought it was very, very appropriate. he was swinging, he was hitting people and the audience hit back and that's what we need, a little bit more of. now, i'm not talking about just a protester, this was a guy who was -- should not have been allowed to do what he did and frankly if you want to know the truth the police were very, very restrained. the police have been amazing. but the police were very, very restrained. okay. yes. >> mr. trump, did the rnc ever come to you and i don't know if you know about the other candidates but did they ever come to you and say this debate needs to be more -- >> no. >> why do you think it was [ inaudible ]. >> i just think it was time. it was time. it was very substantive last night. i said before it was a very elegant debate.
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it was very substantive, it was -- ben came in and said that was a beautiful debate last night. it's gotten great reviews as a debate. i won't tell people that i won even though i did win let me just say, i refuse to say that. "time magazine," 80. slate 84, fox 91% at fox. i don't believe it. new 81. we had a debate last night and i think i did what i had to do actually, but it was -- i don't know. you know, we have had enough debates in my opinion. we have had debates every -- these debates they have been like vince mcmahon should have put them on because they were wwe and too much. and i think that it really -- i think last night was something that was very important, that had come off like that. and the candidates didn't speak about it, but it just sort of morphed into a degenerative
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debate. >> you said in the debate you hadn't decided whether you are going to accept fundraising for the general election, but if you go that route does it undermine your pledge to voters. >> i don't think so because i wouldn't be taking money -- if anything the party would be taking money i'm not going to take any money. i don't want money but the party might take money it's up to the party. that's really up to them it's not up to me. and it's something i haven't given much thought to. i've self-funded my campaign, i've put in, i go he is i will be in for 50, $60 million at a minimum. i am somebody that is a businessperson and even when i don't -- the money is sort of irrelevant, but i have a natural instinct to be a little bit careful with money because that's the way i am, that's the way we have to be with our country. i expect to have, you know, tremendous amounts of money in this by the time we finish. i guess right now i'm into you would know better than me, maybe $30 million, maybe more, but other people are in for $150 million and they are nowhere, they are out of the race.
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i'm proud of the race we've run. somebody said he has only been doing this for eight months but i know the system better than anybody and the reason i know because i was on the other side of the system. when they talk about campaign finance laws and all of these different things i've been it i know it much better and i know it from the real side not from the politician's side. >> mr. trump, i want to go back to what major asked and what tom asked about what dr. carson said this morning on the radio and here about the two donald trumps. so many people know you and like you because of your public persona. is that the real donald trump or is it something that we don't see? >> well, it's an interesting question. i don't like to overanalyze myself, but i will tell you that i try and be, you know, who i am. i want to be honest. certain questions are asked of me and i give a straight answer as opposed to a plates clee correct answer. i know the politically correct business better than anybody. >> would you answer differently if you were in private? >> no, i don't think so.
6:32 am
i answer truthfully. look, we are at a point where we have to start being truthful with our country like the question on islam. i'm answering the question and i know the exact answer i could have given an answer the other night to anderson cooper which would have been perfect and nobody would have been talking about it would have been fine but there is a problem. and we've got to find out what the problem s we have to solve of the problem and you are not going to solve the problem unless you know there is a problem. so i want to answer questions honestly and forthrightly and even if i'm on a big stage with all of these tremendous numbers of cameras around i have to answer honestly. it's the only way we're going to solve the difficulties of our country. yes, go ahead. >> mr. trump, just along the same lines, so why are there two donald trumps? did you at some point make a conscious decision to behave differently in public -- >> i don't think there are two donald trumps, i think there's one donald trump but certainly you have, look, all of this and you have somebody else that sits and reads and thinks and i'm a
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thinker and i have been a thinker. perhaps people don't think of me that way because you don't see me in that forum but i am a thinker. i thought it was nice what ben said actually because it is another side of me. i'm a very deep thinker. i know what's happening. okay? >> dr. carson said we will start seeing more of that side of you, can you elaborate more on that. >> i'm going to work with ben on so many different things. i will be honest when i was with ben yesterday the thing that most impressed me, i know all about his views on healthcare because i have heard them and i have always felt that he knew more about it than the other people on the stage and perhaps he should because that was what he was doing, but i was most impressed with his views on education, it's a strength. and it's a tremendous strength. so ben is going to be involved with us in any aspect he wants to be, but in particular on those two subjects. okay. >> more of this toned down version what we saw last night with dr. carson you referred to as your cerebral side.
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do you plan to tone down your performances as -- >> it depends. you can't say. i didn't go there as a toned down person, i went and whatever happens happens. you have to be able to be -- to swing with the punches. to be honest with you i went there, i didn't know if i was going to be -- if i was hit i would have hit back. now, there are those people that said to me -- i was telling brent yesterday there were those people who said it doesn't matter, let them call you names, let them do whatever they want, stand there and take it. you are leading, you've got a substantial lead, nobody is going to beat you, don't do anything. and i said, i can't do that. when somebody hits, i have to hit back. so i thought they were very respectful yesterday, i thought frankly everybody did well. i thought it was -- you know, i used the expression i thought it was a very elegant debate last night. >> mr. trump, two quick things, you said earlier that you thelt we have had enough debates, there is potentially another debate scheduled on march 21st,
6:35 am
is your suggestion to the rnc at this point we've had enough. >> i think we have had enough debates. how many times do you have to give the same answer to the same question. do you agree with that, ben? same question, same people, same everything. it would be nice to finish off with this one. i thought cnn did a fantastic job last night. i thought that jake was a great moderator. it was just -- it was just a really nice way to finish off the debate season, but i thought -- i really think it's enough debates, i don't think there is any reason for the debates. i know they are getting big ratings, by the way, the democrats are not getting ratings at all and our debates are getting re have, very big ratings, but, you know, one of those things. i think we had enough. >> look, the networks want them, i don't think any of the candidates want them at this point. the networks very much want them. >> can you talk about also there is a phrase you've been using the last several days on the trail in interviews you've said embrace it to the republican party. i know you were asked about that earlier. >> yeah.
6:36 am
>> as you move forward now and as the contests start to limit what are you going to do, are you going to find yourself surrounding yourself with more people who are endorsing, you speaking on your behalf -- >> when i said embrace i was saying that the republican party should come together and embrace these millions of people that are going down and voting. millions. you know, south carolina, new hampshire, no matter where it is the millions and millions of people. we have had -- i was going to bring down a list and i said i didn't want to bore you people but we have had some states that are up 102% from four years ago. 102%. there's something happening that's really beautiful to see and these are people in many cases as i said last night these are people that have never voted. ben, i have people coming up -- and i'm talking about 40, 50, 60, 70 years old, so many people they say, mr. trump, i have never voted before and they've got a trump shirt on. i mean, they never put a political shirt on in their lives, they weren't political people. they never had confidence in the people that they were voting for. they said i've never -- i have
6:37 am
had so -- i mean, literally when i shake hands with people or sign autographs people are saying i've never voted before, mr. trump but i am so proud to be voting. some people go early voting. it's been an amazing thing. what i said to the republican party, the establishment if there is such a i think this, i guess i used to be a he be am of the establishment eight months ago, but if there is such a thing i said embrace it, instead of fighting t instead of fighting me like these people from club for growth, these are people that came to my office, asked me for $1 million, i said, who are they? i don't even know who they are. they asked me for a million dollars and i said, well, let me think about it. then i found out who they are and i said i'm not going to waste a million dollars. as soon as i said they started doing negative ads. if i would have given them a million dollars they wouldn't be doing negative athds. they're extortion niss. i look on television and see negative ads which are all wrong, the ads are lies by the
6:38 am
way. that's what you have. we should embrace it. the republican party should grab this and we will have a victory like the republican party has never had before. one of the things ben and i were talking about, i will win michigan, that's not in the playbook for the republican party. i think i have a chance to win new york. that's not in the playbook. can you imagine if you win new york? they always talk about the six states you have to win, the florida, virginia, you know, just go down the line, pennsylvania, ohio, you have to win certain states. if you lose one of them it's over for the republican party. the fact is the structure, structurally it's much more difficult for somebody to get elected from the republican party. everybody knows that. with me i add a lot of states that aren't in play for anybody else. i mean, i add all of the rust belt states, i own states that i will get states that are unbelievable. that are unthinkable for the republican party and we should embrace it. okay. a couple more. >> mr. trump, you said dr. carson would be handling
6:39 am
education for you. here in florida a lot of people are angry about common core, you about it's up to the states to handle that. how would dr. carson do something about the issue that a lot of people have with common core. >> ben knows the education, he knows what's going on and i'm personally very much opposed to common core i like local education, ben feels very much the same way and i think ben is going to do a tremendous service for helping the states because, you know, we want to see it. there's great love in education and when you circle those schools with the parents and the teachers and everything else instead of some bureaucrat in washington you are going to do a lot better. >> have you had any conversations with senate majority leader mcconnell. >> i have not yet. >> what is your reaction to the news that mitch mcconnell has been advising vulnerable senate republicans on, you know, running away from you if you were the nominee? >> i'm sure that will change. yeah. >> mr. trump, do you think that
6:40 am
the republican party leadership, those that are in washington right now are disconnected from the republican base, the electora electorate. >> is that who you're seeing as maybe potentially dividing, u niegts the electorate against the party leadership? >> there is a big disconnection between the so-called leadership -- i don't even know what the leadership is. i can't define the leadership because nobody knows what it is but there is a disconnect between the so-called leadership and the people but the people to me are much more important because they are the ones doing the voting. that's why i'm standing up here today and other people aren't. >> why do you think there is a disconnect? what are they not understanding -- >> the republican party lost its way. they have lost two elections that they should have won, certainly the last election they absolutely should have won easily. that should have been an easy victory in my opinion much easier than the one we have coming up. and they lost. so the republican party lost its way. the republican party now -- something has happened, call it a miracle, call it whatever you want to do, but they're talking about it all over the world,
6:41 am
it's the biggest story in all of politics, one of the biggest stories of the world, the millions and millions of people that are pouring into the republican party not to the democrats, to the republican party. and these are people that were disenfranchised, people that haven't had a pay increase in 20 years, these are people that have seen their jobs go to china and to mexico and to japan and to vietnam and to every other country in the world but us. it's going to all end. it's going to end. >> -- democratic voters when you get to the general election, democrats what are you going to say to them -- so you win -- >> let me tell you about the democratic voters, it's actually the democrat voters. one of the things we're going to do is we are going to get so many democrats -- that's already been proven. so many democrats have come and signed registration forms for the primaries where they're voting for me. they left, they said they have never done this in their lives. they had an expression democrats
6:42 am
for reagan years ago. we're going to have democrats for trump but it's going to be much bigger. i have people in hollywood, friends of mine saying everybody out there is voting for you but they're not going to admit it. i said, why? aren't you proud. i have a tough stance on crime, i have a tough stance on borders, they all know i'm right, but they're liberal people, they don't want to admit t but they're going to vote for trump. >> ted cruz recently acknowledged that this would come down to the convention if this does come down to a convention fight what's your campaign doing? >> i think we will do it without a convention, i hope we will do it without going down into convention without having a fight and i do feel whoever has the most delegates at the end of this trip should win. >> what are you doing to prepare -- >> i'm prepare, but, look, ohio should be great for me because they are losing tremendous number of jobs, you have seen what's happened with the coal industry in ohio. >> do you think you can beat john kasich. >> i think i will beat john
6:43 am
kasich. john kasich has been an absentee governor. he has been campaigning for the last -- he lived in new hampshire. in fact, chris christie said that absolutely john kasich was there much more than him, which is true. and john kasich then went, as you know, to other states, to different states, very big in south carolina, he was there, he didn't win, didn't win in new hampshire, right? didn't win in michigan. he guaranteed michigan. he said, i will win michigan. and i thought he said -- you could correct me if i'm wrong but i thought he said if i don't win michigan i drop out because michigan is his neighboring state and i won michigan in a landslide and he's -- he was living there. so john has been, you know, not really there. and john has got some innate problems. he's very much in favor of trans-pacific partnership, tpp. that will be the destruction of ohio. and now that the oil is down, you know, ohio got lucky because they struck oil and the budget of ohio went up more than any budget in the entire united
6:44 am
states. higher than any budget. but they got lucky because oil was under their ground as opposed to some states where they don't have the oil. now that the prices of oil are down ohio is going to have a lot of problems. >> okay. maybe one more, two more. go ahead. >> just to be clear, you are not going to be in salt lake city on march 21st for the next debate? >> i didn't know there was a next debate. i thought we had our next debate last night. no? they have yet another -- look, there has been a ratings bona a bonanza, i would do debates frankly if the networks agreed to give all of the money to the -- let's say to the wounded warriors or to the veterans, but the networks are making a fortune on their debates, the ratings for the debates are through the roof but do you know what can i be honest with you i think it's time to end the debates. no, i didn't know about a gate in salt lake city. >> it sayou said you've been he
6:45 am
from republicans about paul ryan, but have you been reaching out to republicans paemth party dr. >> i've been hearing from people from the republican party and they want to embrace it. these are not stupid people. they want to embrace it. what are we going to do, take millions of these voters -- if do you know if you look at the polls and people are telling me every time when i went to nevada which which won, all of them, the people that work in the polling areas they've been there for 20, 25 years, they love t they do it, they're political people. every single time i go they say, mr. trump, we have never seen anything like this. you go to nevada, they say we would stand here and the place would be empty all morning long now you have lines that are five blocks long. >> yes, ma'am. go ahead. absolutely. >> last night on the debate stage you said that trade is one of the areas on which you diverge from the republican party. >> right. very much so. >> -- in the context of ohio. so how would you say you i differ on trade from hillary clinton? >> well, hillary is terrible on trade.
6:46 am
first of all, she has no business instinct, me doesn't have the energy or strength to get the right trade deals made. you need strength, you need stam ma, you need a lot to get these deals done. they come at you in waves. to do these deals where they wrap them up and put 12 countries in one, ptt as an example, i want individual trade deals with individual countries, some deals we'll make that will be so good, some countries treatise better than others, some are worse. china will take advantage of tpp, it's not in it but they will come through the back door. i have so many friends in china, i have great respect for china. i'm not angry at china i'm angry at our people. we have a trade deficit with china this year $500 billion. it's unsustainable. we're going to change our trade deals, we're going to make great deals and become a rich nation again. we cannot become a great nation until we become rich again, we can't afford social security. i'm going to save social
6:47 am
security. there are so many things we can do. it's going to be quickly, too. okay. yes. >> we asked a question to dr. carson about your decision to endorse mr. trump over senator cruz, you did indicate earlier in the week you were open to endorsing one of the two. so why not senator cruz? >> well, first of all, we had a lot of excellent candidates. i think any of the 17 candidates who were running could have done a fine job. but one of the real factors for me is what will happen if we allow the political operatives to succeed in their endeavor to stop donald trump. i think it would fracture the party irreparably and it would hand the election to the democrats. and they would get two to four supreme court picks and america would be forever changed.
6:48 am
that's the big picture. it's a very big picture. it's not about me. it's not about mr. trump. it's about america. >> why not senator cruz ultimately? >> because i feel that mr. trump is willing to do what needs to be done to break the stranglehold of special interest groups and the political class. >> are there any remaining hard feelings towards senator cruz over what happened in iowa? >> i've completely forgiven him. that's a duty one has as a christian. >> dr. carson, you said throughout your life god has led you to your most important decisions this truly is an important decision, did god lead you to donald trump? >> i prayed about it a lot and i got a lot of indications, people calling me that i haven't talked to for a long time saying, i had this dream about you and donald trump. i mean, just amazing things.
6:49 am
you know, i also tend to think that the way god speaks to you is by giving you wisdom and that wisdom says to me that if we allow this attempt to disrupt the will of the people to be successful it will fracture the party in an irreparable way and that will hand the election to people who i personally believe would destroy our country, and the reason i say that is because, you know, hillary clinton was a great friend of saul olinsky, she was on a first name basis with him when she was a student. he wrote the book rules for radicals. if you haven't read it i recommend that you read it and see the kinds of things that are recommended to change fundamentally change this nation from the great success that we have to a socialist country and the dedication page of that book says dead dated to lucifer.
6:50 am
i don't want anything to do with anything like that. >> dr. carson, you talked about burying the hatchet. did you have any kind of conversation with mr. trump like that with senator ted cruz and did he ask you for your endorsement? >> he did not specifically ask for an endorsement. but he did apologize, said that, you know, he wasn't really aware of what was going on, he didn't agree with it. >> why mr. trump over ted cruz? >> you said just a week ago today at c-pac, you were endorsing we the people. it sounds as if in the intervening time, you have evolved and the central focus, what i hear you saying is the effort to stop donald trump is what motivated you to endorse him. is it donald trump's qualities for the pres dnlszy or the movement against him that put you where you are now? >> it's about we the people.
6:51 am
we need to empower the people. that is not going to be done through politics as usual. be that republican politics as usual or be that democratic politics as usual. it requires somebody who's a bit of an iconoclast but someone who has the ability to listen. and to make wise decisions. >> do you think that going back to embracing the people, you have a lot of evangelicals come out to a lot of rallies when you were there, when i was there. do you think that people will be representative of the american people and do you think you can help bridge the gap with the evangelicals as well as people of color now that you're endorsing mr. trump? >> well, you know, i hope we can bridge the gap with everybody. all the policies that i have ever talked about and mr. trump is going to be on board with this, too, we talk about things
6:52 am
that are good for everybody. not for this group or that group. the whole concept of picking and choosing winners and losers is something that i think is antithetical to what we believe, don't you? and that simply is not -- would not happen with a trump administration. we will be looking at ways to do things that benefit all americans, that create an equal playing field. equality of opportunity, that's what we're looking for. and that doesn't mean that we're not sensitive to people who are do downtrodden. in fact, we're very sensitive to people who are downtrodden and will be putting in places things that will allow those people to ascend. many people have been placed in a position of dependency for generations. they don't even recognize what's going on. we have to change that. >> we are fighting in the middle
6:53 am
east, but -- [ inaudible ] >> i'll let mr. trump answer that question. >> dr. carson, do you see a future for yourself in politics, even if there were no promised made, would you be interested in serving in the trump administration? >> i'm interested in saving america. my concern is our posterity. all the people coming after us. and we're destroying any possibility of the american dream for them. with the policies we're doing. so i would be very interested in helping to achieve the goal of saving america and making it great. absolutely. >> dr. carson, you talk about -- >> i didn't notice that was you. >> nice to see you. you talk about to donald trump's when we see in public, the one we see in private. does that worry you for the
6:54 am
american voters? should the american voters know that second donald trump and as that relates to you, you and mr. trump have sparred on a number of issues whether it's muslim databases, whether it's religion. are we seeing a second dr. carson with this endorsement? >> i don't think so. my point being that there's a different persona, some people have gotten the impression that donald trump is, you know, this person who is not malleable, who does not have the ability to listen, and to take information in and to make wise decisions. and that's not true. you might get that impression from, you know, looking at debates and looking at some of the public appearances. but he's much more cerebral than that. and a much more reasonable person than comes across. but as you well know, baz you have heard me talk about it a
6:55 am
lot, the media, they're very skillful at painting people certain ways. and it may not be who that person is at all. and that person can spend all their time trying to change the media or they can just move ahead. i think he's decided he's just going to move ahead and focus the attention on the american people, not so much on the media. i think that's the right way to do it. >> will you be campaigning with mr. trump, hitting the campaign trail with him? >> we'll do some campaigning together, absolutely. and last question. >> you said you would be interested in being a part of a potential donald trump administration. have you been promised a running mate slot or a vp slot in exchange for the endorsement? >> we have not talked specifically about a role other than, you know, being involved and helping formulate policies. and trying to make america great. that's the real key.
6:56 am
and as was said by many, it is great. but it is nowhere near as great as it can be. and a lot of the things that are in place and that have been in place and growing over the last few decades have led us to a place of incredible stagnation. we don't need to be there. and if we once again begin to embrace those policies that will create the atmosphere for entrepreneurial risk taking and capital investment, you will see an explosion like nothing you have ever seen before. we simply haven't been doing that. i don't think it's going to be that hard. i don't think mr. trump thinks it's going to be that hard, either. >> so thank you all very much. thank you very much. great honor. and go outside. we have coffee and drinks. enjoy yourselves. thank you.
6:57 am
>> all right, that was donald trump and you saw it started out with an endorsement from ben carson, his former opponent. turned into a wide ranging press conference. a few more comments from ben carson. boat saying they have buried the hatchet, going to bring in now judson philips, the founder of tea party nation and also a ted cruz supporter. skruds judson, a lot of absorb, but the bottom line is ben carson, somebody who has a lot of in good standing with social conservatives in the republican party, now saying he supports donald trump for president. as a supporter of ted cruz, what do you say about that? >> good morning. well, first of all, having to endure a 45-minute donald trump infomercial while i was doing that, i took a look on social media. and if you look on ben carson's facebook page, for example, the majority, i would say at least 80% of ben carson supporters are saying things like you have
6:58 am
broken my heart. you're selling out, and we just don't agree with you on this. i don't know how much of an impact ben carson really has. because let's face it, ben carson had his surge and then he got out of the race, not because he was at 20%, but because his popularity had plunged down to almost nothing, and his fund-raising dried up. >> you know, we see, though, there were, and this was an aspect of the press conference that both of them talked about. there were some harsh words that had been exchanged, particularly from donald trump toward ben carson during this campaign. now they talked about burying the hatchet, ben carson talked about seeing another side of donald trump, a side that maybe the rest of us don't see when we just watch him on stage, watch him at these press conferences. you have ben carson endorsing him. you had chris christie, somebody else who donald trump had the some choice words for during his campaign, also coming out for him. does this say something, especially with ben carson talking about seeing this other side of donald trump. is there a side of donald trump,
6:59 am
maybe, we don't see publicly who is going to be able to bring over these opponents of his as they get out of the race? >> i have no idea because i have never seen this side of donald trump. i have met with ted cruz and seen the other side of ted cruz, who, actually, there is no other side of to ted cruz. he's the same guy in public that i have met with in private. but i'll say this. if donald trump said the things about me that he said about ben carson, i wouldn't be endorsing him. i would be punching him. >> but what about, of course, this came up as well. in iowa, where ben carson came in significantly behind the rest of the field, there was that controversy over the announcement that had gone out, word sent out by the cruz campaign that ben carson was getting out of the race. do you think that in any way led to this moment, what happened in iowa bringing about a ben carson endorsement of donald trump instead of ted cruz? >> i don't know because i don't know ben carson. in the greater scheme of things, i would be looking at it, you
7:00 am
know, again, if it was me because that's the only basis i can analyze this on, somebody compares me to a child molester and calls me a psychopath, versus somebody who repeats a story from cnn that i may be getting out of the race, i would consider one much more serious than the other. i don't know why he went with donald trump. a lot of his supporters on social media are calling him a sell-out, and i saw a couple that even asked, what price did donald trump pay to get your loyalty? so i don't know the answer to that question. >> all right, judson philips, tea party founder. ted cruz supporter. thanks for the time. that's going to wrap it up this hour, just outside of cleveland. i'm stove kornacki. jose diaz-balart is going to pick up the coverage from miami. jose. >> and happy friday. i'm jose diaz-balart. this is msnbc, the place for politics. we're live once again at bayside
7:01 am
marketplace in downtown miami. and this morning, republicans are actually sprinting to the finish with just four days until the winner-take-all florida primary. as you saw last hour here, former gop candidate ben carson publicly threw his support to donald trump. >> two different donald trumps. there's the one you see on the stage and there's the one who is very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. you can have a very good conversation with him. and that's the donald trump that you're going to start seeing more and more of right now. we buried the hatchet, that was political stuff. and you know, that happens in american politics. the politics of personal destruction. >> and that endorsement coming just hours after the four remaining candidates wrapped up their 12th debate. it was here in south florida at
7:02 am
the university of miami by nearly all accounts, the most low-key debate of the primary season. but with perhaps the highest stakes. for marco rubio, it was his chance on the big stage to sway his home state voters to pull off an upset. for ted cruz, about convincing republicans that the race is already down to two candidates. for john kasich, could the governor keep his positive attitude in what's being an increasingly negative primary, and for donald trump, about fending off attacks from all sides to retain his front-runner status. >> presidents can't just say anything they want. it has consequences here and around the world. >> he always says i'm the only one who beat donald in six contests, but i beat him in 13 contests. he never mentioned that. >> we don't know what's going to happen because we have about half the delegates to be selected. that's what's going to be an interesting thing to see how it all turns out as we move forward over the next couple weeks. >> what an incredible nation we
7:03 am
have that the is son of a bartender and the son of a mailman and the sun of a dishwasher and a successful businessman can all stand on this stage, competing, and asking for your support. >> a big night, a lot to talk about. our political team is here. with me this morning, once again, let me sart with nbc's katy tur in palm beach. let's begin with the carson endorsement. how is the campaign squaring this endorsement with what trump has said about carson in the past? >> well, dr. carson and mr. trump both said they had a conversation about this endorsement. they talked at length about it. and dr. carson on the stage right now said that they buried the hatchet. that he's forgiven him for his words on the campaign trail, but that he believes it was all just politics. and that's why he felt comfortable moving on. he also believed, believes that the republican party trying to undermine donald trump is subverting the will of the people. he believes if that happens,
7:04 am
that this party will just collapse in on itself. he quoted abraham lincoln saying, a house divided against itself cannot stand. so dr. carson coming out strongly for donald trump. we asked him specifically why he did not go for ted cruz. he said he believed that donald trump's message of make america great again was what he needed to get behind. we also asked him if ted cruz looked for his endorsement. he said he did not, but he also did have a conversation with senator cruz about senator cruz's alleged antics on the campaign trail and the voter suppression, sort of, in iowa. he said they buried the hatchet on that as well. he did come out in support of donald trump today, which is big news for this candidate, who is trying to win in florida on tuesday. also winning in ohio, and also bad news for ted cruz. the donald trump campaign says they will be using ben carson in the future when it comes to policy issues, specifically on
7:05 am
education. not sure exactly what specifics on education as of now. they also will be campaigning with dr. carson. we asked what they believe dr. carson will be able to add to the campaign, and they said that they believe he's bringing new voters in to the republican fold. much in the same way that donald trump has done. they also like his social media presence. they believe that he speaks directly to his supporters much in the same way as donald trump speaks directly to his supporters. both of the two men have a very large social media presence. now, in this press conference that we just had, i was able to ask donald trump about whether he feels he's dividing the party itself, or dividing the leadership from the party, take a listen to that exchange. >> the republican party lost its way. the republican party now, something has happened. call it a miracle, call it whatever you want to do, but they're talking about it all over the world. the biggest story in all of politics, one of the big stories of the world. the millions and millions of
7:06 am
people that are pouring into the republican party, not to the democrats, to the republican party. and these are people that were disenfranchised, people who haven't had a pay increase in 20 years. these are people that have seen their jobs go to china. and to mexico, and to japan. and to vietnam. and to every other country in the world but us. it's going to all end. >> now, the other big headline today is the increasing amount of violence and tension at donald trump rallies. he's headed to chicago tonight. and there have already been promises of mass protests and rallies against him. and there could be quite a contentious moment or two at that rally. i asked him last night ability his words against protesters. his claim that so many protesters have been violent against his supporters. i have been to a number of these rallies. i think the only person out there who has been to more donald trump rallies than me, frankly, is donald trump at this point. we and my team and nbc news team has never seen an instance where
7:07 am
a protester has been aggressive towards a supporter. yes, they are interrupting the rallies. yes, they are there to disrupt, but they have not been from our vantage point violent against protesters. mr. trump obviously not agreeing with that, saying he has seen them throw punches. listen to the exchange i had with him last night on this subject. >> i have never seen a protester throw a punch. i have seen your supporters get rough with protesters. >> 78 years old, and i got to see a clip. he threw a punch. i don't know if he hit, but he was -- he's a passionate person. i guess he didn't like what he was seeing. it was one of those things. certainly, we don't condone it. we don't like. we don't like seeing it. >> in that exchange, mr. trump told me he would try to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again. today, he was asked one more time about it. he says that he stands by his earlier comments of wanting to punch a protester in the face because that protester that was
7:08 am
in las vegas, he says was throwing punches at his supporters. so it's unclear what exactly he's going to change with his rhetoric going forward. whether or not it will be a little bit more subdued, whether or not he will tell his supporters more veminuhemently during these rallies not to hurt the protesters. there is an announcement at almost every rally not to hurt these protesters. as they get on and more intense, it can be viewed as a situation where the candidate himself is not doing anything to calm the situations down. instead, trying to aggravate it. that's how it has been viewed. we'll see if that changes tonight. he is, again, in chicago a little later. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in gabe gutierrez in west palm beach, who is covering the rubio campaign. good morning to you. by pretty much all accounts, this was rubio's last chance to take a stand and make his
7:09 am
campaign. how did he do last night? >> hey, there, jose. by most accounts, marco rubio had a strong debate last night. the question is, is it too little too late. will it make any difference to the voters here in florida? in about an hour and a half, he's set to have a news conference with jewish leaders in west potch beam, reaching out to the jewish community in this part of the state. later on, he hassen an event in naples, and this week, he's heading to central florida and the panhandle. the question now, will marco rubio be able to come from behind? the polls have him down anywhere from 23 percentage points now down to single digits. his campaign is focusing on the polls that have him in the single digits. he did really take it to donald trump yesterday, or last night, i should say, in the gop debate on his home turf at the university of miami where he went to law school. a very receptive crowd. he had very strong exchanges when it came to foreign policy, towards cuba, as well as he took
7:10 am
on donald trump regarding trump's comments regarding islam. let's take a listen to that. >> last night, you told cnn, quote, islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. there's something going on that maybe you don't know about and a maybe a lot of other people don't know about, but there's tremendous hatred. i will stick with exactly what i said to anderson cooper. >> i know a lot of people find appeal in the things donald says because he says what people wish they could say. the problem is presidents can't say whatever they want. it has consequences here and around the world. i can also tell you if you go to any national cemetery, especially arlington, you're going to see crescent moons there. you're going to see american men and women serving us in uniform that are muslim, and they love america. as far as i know, no one on the stage has served in uniform in the united states military. anyone out there who has the uniform of the united states on and is willing to die for this country is someone who loves
7:11 am
america, no matter what their religious background may be. >> and rubio also said it wasn't about being politically correct. it was about being correct. that got huge applause from the audience. marco rubio passed up several opportunities as did the other candidates on the stage to really go after donald trump. at one point when he was talking about hiring foreign workers, there was no response from the other candidates. this was the debate that the rubio campaign had said they wanted a debate focused on policy. question is with four days left until florida voters head to the polls here, will it be enough? and a lot of people are saying that it might not be. it might be too steep of a hill to climb, jose. >> let's see what happens. we have just a couple days left. gabe gutierrez, good to see you. joining me now, nbc political analyst, elise jordan, former senior adviser to rand paul, and steve kornacki in lakewood, ohio, this morning. thank you for being with me. elise, let me start with you.
7:12 am
we know the phrase politics makes strange bed fellows. what do you think of this ben carson endorsement? >> i think it's crazy ben carson is endorsing someone who compared him to a pedophile. i can't believe he's sinking that low just to get the attention that comes with being part of the trump bandwagon. i fiend it really disappointing because i have had a lot of respect for ben carson. i remember back when i was an undergraduate and ben carson came and gave one of the most moving speeches i have ever heard in my lifetime about his rise from detroit and what he went through, and it was so incredibly inspiring. and that hasn't come out as much on the campaign trail. and now, you know, i really feel like carson is diminishing his legacy by endorsing trump. >> but elise, look, in politics, these things aren't that uncommon. you know, team of rivals goes back to abraham lincoln. look, there have been people who have gone at each other in a political process, and when that process is done, they do get together.
7:13 am
is this different? is this unusually different? >> i think it is different because if someone accused me of being a child molester, i don't think i could in good conscience endorse them to be free leader of the world. would you? it just -- i think it's a question of what you believe is common decency and basic decency, and you know, that was a completely unfounded allegation. and that kind of just blatant disregard for the truth, i think, is something that's very scary and questionable in a leader for a candidate for the leader of the free world. >> steve, we have sound from back in november when carson was on the rise and trump saw him as a threat. >> he said he's path logical and he's got basically pathological disease. i don't want a person that's got pathological disease. i don't want it. if you're a child molester, there's no cure. they can't stop you.
7:14 am
pathological, there's no cure. so he's a pathological, damaged, temper, a problem. >> so, steve, and elise was referring to that specific sound bite that we heard over and over again when trump found dr. carson to be a real threat. how do you go past something like that? >> no, i think elise makes a great point. i think that's something that's going to -- that's a big story to watch going forward. it's not just ben carson and donald trump. it's there are things that we say we have come to expect in politics. we have come to expect that candidates say mean, nasty, tough, unfair things about each other in primary campaigns and then they come together, the loser gets behind the winner. we have come to expect a certain level of that. what we're seeing in this campaign in 2016 is different. it looks different. it feels different. it sounds different than what we have seen before. we have not used to one candidate likening the other to a child molester and then having
7:15 am
that other candidate come around and endorse him. we're not used to seeing that. and it works the other way, too. the rhetoric being directed at donald trump right now, or at least before last night's debate, the rhetoric directed at him, whether it was from marco rubio or ted cruz or all of the people who are part of the so-called never trump crowd, they're not just talking about donald trump as somebody they disagree with, somebody they don't think would be a good nominee, somebody they think might lose to hillary clinton. they're talking about him like he's a threat to the republic. and it raises the question, it's not just ben carson, donald trump right now, it raises the question, if donald trump wins the nomination, all of those things we're accustomed to seeing, the party uniting around them, every losing candidate coming out, raising their arms together, the balloons falling, are they going to shrug their shoulders and say, yeah, that was all politics, we're together now? because some of the things being said, not just by donald trump about others, but from others about donald trump, they feel like the kinds of things you
7:16 am
can't take back. >> yeah, and it just seems that, we have always kind of thought words matter, but maybe just maybe because it's trump and he has redefined the political landscape, even the semantics that one uses in the political landscape, maybe it won't have lasting effects. but i have to believe, steve and elise, i have to believe that words do matter, and that like a root through a tree, it will eventually have some impact on how people perceive our elected leaders. steve kornacki and elise jordan, thank you both for being with me. much more coming up from bayside marketplace in downtown miami as hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepare to face off in big contests next tuesday. two democrats finding themselves in agreement over one thing, condemning violence at trump's rallies. what they're saying, ahead. plus, we'll talk about how next week's florida primary could actually determine the future of the gop race. but first, senator elizabeth
7:17 am
warren weighs in on her take on the republican contenders. >> okay, so look, what's the problem with the two guys they've got at the top right now with donald trump and with ted cruz? these are both people who basically deny the legitimacy of their opponents, they go on the attack. they demean millions of americans. and that's what identifies them as extremists, and why republicans, man, republicans in the senate are breaking apart over this.
7:18 am
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and for more on the breaking news with ben carson announcing his endorsement for donald trump for president just a short time ago, joining me this morning in miami, politico senior writer, mark capito, and political


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